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King Kyle is on the right track to get back to the Show.

Cubs skipper Joe Maddons belief in Kyle Schwarber being a lead off hitter back fired greatly for the defending Champs to start the 2017 campaign. World Series hero Schwarber was sent down to the Chicago Cubs Triple A affiliate Iowa Cubs after 64 games. Sending him down sent a shock wave through Cubdom. Everyone had a varied opinion. From the anger of him being sent down and not the whole team or other players, to people agreeing with the move. Sending a struggling young hitter down to the minors is common and a great place to work on some swing issues with out the glaring spot light on them.

Schwarber in 222 at bats with the big league club was hitting .171, had 75 strike outs, 12 home runs and 28 RBI. Although he has been with the club for 3 seasons he has only appeared in 135 games. In my opinion that is the number to focus on. We have had such a small sample out of an extremely talented hitter. With all this said he is also making an adjustment to play a position he is not accustomed to, Left Field. Schwarber came up as a catcher but has rarely played his natural position. He has gotten by on athletic ability and made a few miraculous plays in left like the one he made against the Yankees in an 18 inning marathon loss nonetheless.

Schwarber has played in 5 games at Iowa thus far in 19 at bats he is batting .368, .429 OPS, and .684 slugging percentage. Last night against Round Rock he launched his first and second home runs for the Iowa Cubs. There have been many reports about how hard Schwarber has been putting in overtime and perfecting his swing. Schwarber in his short time with the Chicago Cubs has built a cult following and right fully so. Lets hope his progress continues to go in the right direction and we seem him back at Wrigley as soon as possible.

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Iamcubsessed with the Chicago Cubs. My Cubsession started at birth like most Cubs fans. Being a Chicago Cubs fan has taught me how to handle the ups and downs everyone comes across in their real lives. My sports motto has always been "Believe or Leave". I choose to Believe and cheer for the North Siders in a positive way, Go Cubs!

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